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Vehigianu (2020/21)

for Soprano Symphony Orchestra

Concerning Spring  (2016)

for Chorus and Symphony Orchestra

Ararat (2015) 

for Bassoon solo and Chamber Orchestra


Warp and Weft (2019)

for four instruments 

Yama (2019)

for seven instruments with prepared digital piano

Chama (Prelude to Gustav Holst's "Mercury") (2018) 

for 4 Percussionists & 4 Pianos

Say Now: Shibboleth (2018)

for Ensemble

AinAni (2017)

for Flute Solo and Microtonal Flute Choir

Longa Uday (2014)

for Classical Arabic Music Ensemble


Broken Consort (2021)

for For Violin, Viola, Vibraphone and Piano 


Alila II (2020)

for String Quartet

Hataka (2018) 

for Vibraphone and Accordion

In A Constant State Of Limbo (Hommage à Simon Pfeffel) (2018)

for Solo Percussionist

Kivun II (2018) 

for Piano Solo

Nachtegaeltje II (2015/2018)

for Piccolo, Trombone, Guitar and Cello

Alila (2018)

for String Quartet


Kivun (2017)

for PIano solo

Hermez  (2017) 

for Cello solo

Alex Project  (2016) 

for Wind quintet and Percussion

Heterolepsis  (2016) 

for Saxophone solo and Ensemble

Three Songs without Words (2016)

 for Clarinet and Piano

...The Still Obey a Different Rhythm...  (2015) 

 for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano

I Forgot my Mantra  (2015) 

for Piano 4 Hands

Nachtegaeltje  (2015) 

for Recorder, Mandolin, Violin, Guitar and Cello

Duettino (2015) 

for Viola and Piano

Capriccio (2012) 

for Soprano Saxophone and Marimba

Pi Palahu Jabi (2008) 

for Double Bass Solo and Chamber Ensemble


Love's Philosophy (2015)

for 4 Voices and Viol Consort

Other Possible Lines  (2014) 

for Soprano and Piano

4 Songs of Yehuda Atlas (2014) 

for Children's Choir A Cappella


3 Children Songs of Miriam Yalan-Shteklis (2013) 

for Soprano, Flute, Cello Vibraphone and Harp


G. Holst: Mercury, The Winged Messenger (from 'The Planets') 

Arr. for 4 Percussionists & 4 Pianos

P. Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2016)

Arr. for Percussion Ensemble

F. Poulenc: Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra (2015)

Arr. for 2 Pianos & 2 Percussionist

C. Debussy: Épigraphes Antiques (2014)

Arr. for Flute, Viola, Harp & Guitar