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Premiere Performance:
Aspen Opera Theater and VocalARTS"Opera Encounters" concert series

Wheeler Opera House,

Aspen, CO August 18th, 2023

Chuanyuan Liu - Countertenor

Calista Smith - Soprano

Shalun Li - Piano

Scenes from "Euphonia" (2023)


Duration: ca. 8' m


Sop, Ct, Pf

Scenes from "Euphonia" was was composed in Aspen, Colorado and completed in July of 2023.

The two scenes are part of an in-progress opera with the libretto by Udi Perlman based on a short sci-fi story written by Hector Berlioz in 1844. The story takes place 500 years into the future, in the year 2344 in Euphonia, a small European town where all inhabitants are musicians, and the city itself is designed like an orchestra. The main plotline involves a love triangle between two male composers and an aspiring soprano.

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